Fake Abortion Clinics Thwart Real Medical Issues

Wherever one might stand on the issue of Abortion, it’s clear that such a procedure is a large health risk. Abortion clinics are sources of much celebration and much disgust throughout the world, and often divide people otherwise suffering from no disagreement. The debate has gotten so heated, that even some US States have begun to roll out legislation with very questionable motives. Even more shocking, are the reports of many women using forged doctor’s notes to fake a pregnancy, only then to fake a miscarriage to dive away from their lie. These sensational stories often clutter the issue, and allow the trend of fake abortion clinics to rise.

What Are Fake Abortion Clinics

Fake abortion clinics, as proposed by the State of Georgia in the US, are non-medical clinics that advertise themselves in confusing manners to troll women seeking abortions. Once a woman enters these clinics, the fake doctors then proceed to give her a slew of information and advice meant to sway her decision to have an abortion. It’s downright deceitful, and when done on a legislative and legal level absolutely absurd.

When Abortions get Abused

Many of us are familiar with abortion clinic protests, even violent acts of protest towards these medical facilities. One strange dynamic are the anti­-antiabortion protestors that show up to these clinics to protest against the protesters. While their hearts may be on the side of the women entering these clinics, it’s likely they are simply serving to further overwhelm any patients trying to enter the facility. One particularly ridiculous dynamic in this equation is when abortion protesters show up to protest against the fake abortion clinics (the ones meant to dissuade abortions) and are then met by the anti-anti-abortionists. It can’ even truly be described without being confusing, and the whole thing is dripping in falsehoods, and forgery by doctors and medical personal.


Faking Abortions to Get Out of Work, Stifling Activist Action

Now, another disheartening phenomenon has been seen by those women who fake pregnancies to either get out of work, draw fake benefits, or any other myriad slew of reasons. These women often find at the end of their ruse, and abortion clinic is a reasonable way to end their lie in an even further sympathizing way. There have been reports of women using a fake note from maternity doctors to first establish a  pregnancy scam with employers, the using another fake doctors note to establish the recommendation for an abortion, then using fake hospital discharge papers to make an account of having had an actual abortion. We keep waiting for one of these women to use a fake abortion certificate from a fake abortion clinic—and get caught. Everyone involved might end up drowning in irony, but it would certainly testify to the impact of karma!

Social Responsibility

Faking sick to get out of work, even if you go so far as to purchase a doctors note online, isn’t a crime. This can even be seen as an innocuous way to get some much-deserved time away from an over-demanding employer. However, the people that push this type of fakery to the limit are often questioned as being contributing members of society. After all, if you found out someone you knew was capable of lying to friends, family, lovers, and coworkers for 9 months—could you ever trust them? While completely different in nature, these fake abortion clinics are providing nearly as much distrust among their communities and are, arguable, a much more dangerous force to be reckoned with.